Style Trend | Capes

Style Trend: Capes
{Zara Checked cape / H&M black cape}

When I told people that I have been looking for a cape for fall I was met with a blank stare 100% of the time. I think people have this idea of a superhero when they hear the word cape, but if it was ok with Audrey Hepburn it is ok with me. I think capes are a great way to make any outfit instantly chic while still being whimsical and a bit dramatic. I love the look in a simple neutral color to allow the silhouette to be the focus. Maybe it is just my inner Disney princess that is attracted to the trend...

What do you think about capes?


  1. I have always loved capes, just never have had the courage to wear them out in public. You should bring them back so I can wear them :)

    1. Haha, I wish I was that influential :)

  2. I think capes are cute, especially lighter ones. I don't know if I could pull it off. I always have something in my hands and I think it would throw off the look.