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Confession: What's in my bag posts and videos are my favorites (it's my nosy nature). With my upcoming trip (I'm going to Hawaii!), I'd thought I'd let you all take a peek into my travel bag and see my essentials for a long flight.

My travel bag of choice is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. It's light, durable and holds everything you need, plus it doesn't slip off your shoulder when you are running from terminal to terminal. It's the perfect tote. I'm a bag within a bag type of person, so most of my stuff are in pouches to keep everything organized. In flight entertainment is the most important thing on a 12 hour flight. A good book and magazine of choice, mine is Cosmo, is my go to. My giant American Apparel blanket scarf is my #1 must have on any flight. It can be used as a blanket if the plane gets too cold, or balled up into a pillow when you are ready to doze off. Lastly, I never travel without a water bottle, my favorite is the fold-able Platypus bottle. Keep it empty until you get through security. It will save you tons of money on buying water at the food court and will keep you hydrated your entire flight.

What are your travel bag essentials?!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Jen

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