Host A Clothing Swap Party

A great way to change up your wardrobe without spending a dime is to host a clothing swap party. It is the perfect excuse to purge your closet and freshen it up with new pieces. They best part, it is eco-friendly, sustainable, and completely free!

The Invite
Invite 8-12 people to the party. I find this to be a good number of guests to offer variety of clothing, but not too many that it is overwhelming and crowded when “shopping”. Remind guests to only bring items in good condition and make sure they are washed and ironed (nobody wants your ratty t-shirt from high school with stains on it).

Advice guests to wear comfy clothes that make trying on items easy, leggings, tank tops, slip on shoes. It cuts down on the line for the dressing room and makes things a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Schedule the party at the end of the season. This is usually when people are ready to start fresh for the new season anyway. April and September are when I host my swaps. Make sure to give guests about a 2-3 weeks’ notice so they have ample time to go through their wardrobe and purge their items. I’ve done a post on purging your closet and some questions to ask yourself to make the process as painless as possible.

The Set-up
Set up your space like your favorite boutique. You want to make it fun and easy to “shop”! A clothing rack is great to display items neatly. Set up different tables for different categories (sweaters, pants, accessories, shoes).  Designate a bathroom or a bedroom as a dressing room so guests can try on their items. A floor length mirror is a must in the party area for quick try-ons.

Don’t forget to have snacks, drinks and music. This is a party, after all!

The Party
I like to keep my swaps casual so I let my guests browse and pick out items as they please. It you have a lot of guests and want a little more order to the process, implement a lottery system (put numbers in a hat and have each guest draw a number. That will be the order they get to go and shop one item at a time. Then repeat the rotation). The items that don’t get taken home, I offer to bring them to my local thrift store to be donated if the guests do not want to take the items home again.

Whichever way you choose, just have fun with it! It is an exciting way to clean out your closet, hang out with your friends and get some new clothes. What are some of your Clothing Swap tips?!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Jen

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