Mother's Day Gift Guide

T-minus 8 shopping days left until Mother's Day! It can be hard coming up with the perfect gift to give the person who has done so much for you, talk about pressure. I believe any gift that comes from the heart, mom will love. But, if you are a procrastinator (like me) or just don't know what to get that special mom in your life, I have come up with some fun, affordable, and sustainable gift ideas. 
1. Handbag $95 - It is always nice to treat mom to something special that she might not buy for herself. This freedom of Animals handbag is the perfect gift. Handbags are great because you don't have to worry about size or fit. The beast part is this bag is sustainable and cruelty-free (and beautiful)!

2. French Press $50 - Coffee is the #1 essential that keeps moms going and allows them to do everything. This beautiful french press will provide a delicious brew every time and it is pretty enough to keep on display in the kitchen.

3. Burt's Bees Lipsticks $9 - Make-up is always a fun gift to receive and a great way to pamper mom! These new Burt's Bees lipsticks are all natural and cruelty free and come in an array of beautiful colors, especially fro spring.

4. Plant Night $50 per person - The thing that the mom is your life probably wants most is some quality time with you. Instead of just going out for drinks or dinner, try a plant night!  Local restaurants hold the events where you build a beautiful terrarium while having a few drinks. What could be better than getting drink with mom and taking home a cute planter.

5. Adult Coloring Book $10 - Adult coloring books are super trendy at the moment, but I love them! It will allow the mom in your life to unwind and relax. It is also a fun creative outlet. Include some color pencils and you have the perfect gift-set.

What are some of your Mother's Day gift ideas?

Thanks for reading!
xo, Jen

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