Meet Jada | One Year Adoptaversary!

This weekend marks the one year adoptaversary of my best friend, Jada! To celebrate this milestone, I thought I'd share Jada's story and our journey to adopt her. Hopefully this inspires you to consider rescuing your best friend.

After my childhood dog, Ella passed away at the age of 15, I didn't think I would ever be emotionally ready to get another dog. Her health declined very quickly and significantly in her last few weeks and it was so hard to see the demise. After her passing, I started following different animal rescue site and became obsessed with wanting to to help all the dogs (especially senior dogs) I saw. I couldn't imagine Ella, in her old age and declining health, not having a home and a family to take care of her. It is something every dog deserves.

This brings us to Jada. After 6 months, my family and I were finally ready to open our home and heart to another dog. I knew that I wanted to adopt an "undesirable" dog. In shelters, puppies and smaller dogs go like hot cakes while older dogs (5+) and pit bulls are hardest to adopt. Unfortunately, there is a lot of discrimination and misconceptions against pit bulls. Even if people do want to adopt a pit bull or another bully breed, breed-specific legislation makes it hard for people to do so.

Jada was one of the handful of dogs we met at the MSPCA Boston. She was an 8 year old pit bull mix who was dropped off at the shelter with three large mass cell tumors. The shelter was fantastic and provided the surgery to remove the tumors, but they will most likely return within a few years. Because of her age, breed, and health problems, she had been at the shelter for almost three months and was adopted and returned once in those three months. I knew I had to take her home and give her the great like she deserved. 

She fit into our family seamlessly. She isn't perfect, and we are still working on some training (she is a puller when walking and gets overly enthusiastic when she sees other dogs), but I wouldn't change anything about my decision. She is the most loving, goofy, affectionate dog and I love her to pieces. I'm so happy I was able to give her a second chance at a great life and free up a space in the shelter for another dog in need. If you are considering getting a dog, please adopt! there are so many amazing dogs of all ages and breeds at the shelter that would be a great addition to you family.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Jen & Jada

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